Ready to bring your brand online? The Surf Psych team is prepared to help!

We specialize in crafting Shopify and Squarespace websites. These platforms are very user-friendly, but completing an entire website can get overwhelming for some; that's where we come in! We can keep things simple or get as detailed as possible by editing CSS code and adding on necessary apps to ensure you have the perfect site for your brand.

Here's a look at some of our work:

Tiffany Designs and Consulting

Daydream Apothecary


Having a social media presence is crucial in today's world. Nine times out of 10, you find yourself scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram pages when you research a business. Browsing social media is one of the easiest ways for potential customers to look at what you have to offer quickly.

Whether you don't have the time to keep up with it all or you find yourself struggling with content creation, the Surf Psych team can help! With our Social Media Management option, we can work off an existing social media planner or work together to create the perfect one for you and manage content creation/posting for you! This includes daily posts with fresh content on Instagram and Facebook, along with the creation and posting of Facebook and Instagram Ads.


Feeling overwhelmed with thinking of what to post and when? Need help getting the ball rolling on your new account? Need to increase engagement? We can help!

With our social media planner we can:

• Help you build and grow your social media account and maintain a presence
• Develop goals and create action steps
• Assist in brand development
• Stay on top of your planning (this can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis)
• Keep your content organized
• Keep track of your metrics so you can track progress